The US Embassy sentenced Panchevski to prison?!?

This is a translation in English for the original column published on our website on August 6, 2020.
Here is the link: Американската амбасада пресуди казна затвор за Панчевски?!?

“Freedom for Panchevski”

August 5, 2020

In order to make it clearer to all of us what kind of corrupt and legally distorted (this so as not to use legally dysfunctional and destroyed!) State we live in, it would be enough for each of us to be present at yesterday’s trial of Vladimir Panchevski who was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of Abuse of official position and authority. The indictment states that in the period from January 23, 2013 to September 14, 2016, Panchevski influenced the manner of electronic distribution of cases through the ACCMIS system for keeping records and distribution of cases.

As never before, in the court in Veles there was a marathon hearing that lasted almost 12 hours, i.e. it lasted even after the end of the regular working hours of the court. It started at 10 AM when Panchevski was brought in a police van from the Skopje Remand Prison in Shuto Orizari. It was sad to see that there was almost no support, with the exception of those two Macedonians who greeted him with small posters and followed him to the entrance of the court building. News crews were present in front of the court entrance and made videos.

It is obvious that according to the current (and not valid!) parameters in our judiciary he is guilty because of his personal commitment as President of the Basic Court Skopje 1 (Criminal Court) for proper functioning and management of the same which of course includes the ACCMIS system as a part of his daily work. It is clear that someone must have been bothered that his honest work was evaluated with the highest marks by his colleagues and the judicial council, so the obstacle is not in his professionalism, but in something that insinuates even the darkest scenarios of possible involvement even of “sound names”.

The defense, in which not only the lawyers Petro Janura and Goran Georgiev participated, but also Panchevski himself, pointed out that this is an extremely tendentious and concentrated accusation of the Prosecution, which is politically obstructed and hypocritical, because it is initiated one year after the end of the judge’s term. The Basic Court Skopje 1, especially since the report was commissioned by the executive, which is a report submitted by the Ministry of Justice to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje where the case is registered by RO number, not criminal, and the procedure of hearing witnesses and his is by RO number, not criminal.

Panchevski explained the reason why the need arises from the decisions themselves to divide some cases in such a way. There is no consequence for a crime nor is there a more serious injury to the parties because it is not possible. All cases were registered in ACCMIS and Panchevski never violated Article 6 of the Law on Case Management. He stressed that all judges were involved in the cases and explained very well why it was so. That is why not a single judge who acted in organized crime was repeated, according to the annual schedule.

Lawyer Janura pointed out that the thesis that some rights of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office were violated is not only incorrect but also wrong and can not be a basis for criminal prosecution. Panchevski could not influence the judges, and if they considered that the case was awarded illegally, then they had a legal obligation to prevent it, to refuse to act on the case or to inform the competent institutions. However, Vladimir Panchevski did it in accordance with the Law, so the judges accepted and conducted these proceedings in this way. The prosecution referred 16-17 professional judges who are still judges, and some have been appointed to higher courts, and if they considered the distribution of their case illegal, they would not proceed with the proceedings.

We should not forget that his status as a judge was completely ignored because it entails judicial immunity that no one respected.
The verdict was written in about 40 minutes, pronounced and the trial ended at around 9:30 p.m.

Judge Valentina Gjorgjievska from the Basic Court in Veles convicted an innocent, top professional and her colleague from whom she will have to learn in the future what it means to be a true judge, to remain persistent in the name of law and order, to have honor and dignity, to be just, so if you want and – a man.

Panchevski was discharged from the Skopje Remand Prison in Shuto Orizari at around 10:45 p.m.


Our message to all those involved in this chase and a fabricated, non-existent case against Vladimir Panchevski for whom none of his colleagues have ever complained until the moment when charges were brought against him is:

There is justice and whenever, it finds its way together with the truth.

It is clear to us as Macedonians that all this time you were bothered that you came across a judge who is not a member of any political party, but is right-wing, so you could not find a module to place it in one of the molds in which a good part of the political prostitution in Macedonia works (every honor to the exceptions that count to five, possibly to ten fingers). He was the only one amongst all the judges who in his chamber, in addition to the second official flag of the Republic of Macedonia, kept the first one, the one you are afraid of, the flag with the Macedonian sun of Philip II of Macedon because every Macedonian patriot identifies with this flag, every Macedonian who will never say, let alone accept a change of name in an illegitimate way, with an illegitimate speaker and in an illegitimate Assembly of participants in a coup.

The Macedonian people stand behind this great, just man, who did not give up an inch and did not surrender. He is right because he is just and honest, a Macedonian, one of the real ones, who love Macedonia and their own Macedonian people.

Justice or order in the justice system? Proof? Check out the US Embassy statement on Twitter:

Tweet transcript:

The Veles Basic Court announcement that former Skopje Criminal Court President Vladimir Pancevski was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for misusing ACCMIS is a positive step forward in seeking accountability for those accused of undermining judicial independence.

Less than 24 hours after the verdict was announced, they announced their support for the verdict. What right does any foreign embassy have to give support or its own opinion to any trial in any country in the world? Such a procedure is a brutal interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, i.e. in its judicial system!

Did the obedience of VMRO-DPMNE go so far that they had to use Judge Pancevski as a scapegoat?

We know that your goal is to break us, to instill in us a fear that will paralyze even our desire to declare ourselves Macedonians, not to even think of uttering ‘MACEDONIA’ because of the repercussions that may follow, and you are demonstrating that in the most brutal way. a way that obviously gets worse as time goes on.

The only thing you will be able to do is to instill in yourself the anger of the Macedonians which will turn into a curse against which you will not be able to fight: we are and always will be the people, the Macedonian, and you are and will remain the oppressors of their own people who will be taught in the history of mankind as traitors, tyrants, despots, those who are all ashamed and whom no one loves, who are the horror of a time and will be written in the darkest pages of Macedonian history.

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