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На социјалната мрежа Twitter се појави објава (твит) со содржина која веднаш алармира дека нешто сериозно е во прашање. Имено, изгледа дека многу од преговарањата за името кои – очекувано – се воделе задкулисно, криеле многу тајни и информации за кои ние, Македонците, како народ на кој што се однесува сѐ што е врска со нашето име и идентитет ниту сме знаеле, ниту ни паѓало на памет дека такви подли игри може да се водат за да нѐ доведат до работ на постоењето како етникум.

На 2-ри декември 2009 година бил одржан состанок за кој подоцна, во овој документ од 4-ти декември 2009 има извештај за средбата.

Твитот кој го обелодени тоа е следниов:

Објавените фотографии во твитот, три (3) на број, кои се дел од еден документ, ги објавуваме со транскрипт од истите.



Date:2009 December 4, 15:57 (Friday)Canonical ID:09ATHENS1683_a
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  1. (C) In a meeting on December 2, Deputy Seccretary Steinberg and
    Greek Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and OSCE Chair-in-Office
    George Papapndreou discussed the President’s announcement on the way
    forward in Afghanistan, the Macedonia name issue, bilateral
    relations with Turkey, the Cyprus issue and the Visa Waiver
    Program. Steinberg took the opportunity to walk the PM through the
    President’s just-announced way forward on Afghanistan and urged him
    to signal support for the plan. On Macedonia, Papandreou said he
    is trying to create a new atmosphere of trust with his Macedonian
    counterpart through a series of bilateral meetings and
    communications at various levels. He made clear that he was ready
    to be flexible, within limits, and thought creative solutions could
    be found to satisfy both sides if there was good will. The PM
    believes this strategy produced positive momentum initially, but

3(C) Papandreou told Steinberg he is trying to create a new
atmosphere of trust with his Macedonian counterpart, Prime Minister
Nikola Gruevski, through a series of bilateral meetings and
communications as well as through the main negotiations under the
auspices of UN mediator Nimetz. Papandreou believed that they had
thought that “Republic of Northern Macedonia” would be an
acceptable name, and they needed to find solutions to the other
issues, such as where and how it was used. Papandreou said he told
Gruevski that his country’s position on “erga omnes” was not an
effort to force them to change their constitution, but rather to be
clear that there will not be a “second round” of Skopje’s efforts

constitution, but rather to be
clear that there will not be a “second round” of
Skopje’s efforts

to get recognition under its Constitutional name. The key for
Greece was that this name be used by international institutions,
third bodies, and important bilateral relationships, and that the
issue was resolved once and for all. He suggested to Gruevski that
they leave the issues of identity and language aside and not make
an issue of it. The PM felt there was some positive momentum in
his first meeting with Gruevski, but in the second round, Gruevski
wanted a different name and insisted the name and identity had to
be “Macedonian.”
In addition, the day after the Prespa meeting,
Gruevski was making public statements on what supposedly Papandreou
had said in their meeting. This has put Greece in a very difficult
position, Papandreou told Steinberg.

Извор: https://twitter.com/GruevskiVratiSe/status/1312727767201599490?s=19

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